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Jul 5, 2020

Hearing own voice during phone call problematic / On-Ear Wireless Headphones

I just bought a pair of Bose 
On-Ear Wireless Headphones Black/Black.
(Region: Europe/Germany. Phone with Android 10.)

When using them for a phone call, I have problems with hearing my own voice, as the headphones are a physical barrier. This feels uncomfortable in itself to me, but it makes it harder to adjust the loudness of my own voice. 
Is there some kind of feature to hear one's own voice better? I know, some noice cancelling headphones have this.

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Re: Hearing own voice during phone call problematic / On-Ear Wireless Headphones

Hello Sbuehler,


Thanks for posting, and congratulations on your recent purchase. I hope that you're enjoying your new headphones.


The On-Ear Wireless headphones do feature sidetone. When the headset is used wirelessly during phone calls, a small amount of the microphone audio is actually fed back into the headset's speakers. Sidetone is featured on many of our wireless headphones, including our noise-canceling range of QC35 headsets and NC700 headphones. This will be active when the headphones are used wirelessly, and the connected device, in this instance Android phone, is connected using HFP or HSP Bluetooth profiles. Can you confirm that you're using the headphones wirelessly? This feature cannot be enabled when wired. Additionally, can you advise what apps you're using to conduct the phonecalls?


While this particular headset does feature sidetone, it cannot be customized or changed. When the headset is used for phone calls, sidetone will be active. The level of sidetone cannot be increased or decreased. Do you hear sidetone at all when using the headset? Be sure to test using it with different phones and calling apps to compare results. When the headset is connected using a wire, the microphone is disabled, and as such sidetone will not be available.

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