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Sep 28, 2020

Issue involving Covid 19 and running a corporation

Quiet comfort 35  11 ===  Had to replace headset just under one year ago.  bad solder joint at plug in point.  was replaced.  now a year and one month the second set had the same problem. warranty was expired so I got a discount to replace that..You would think tech would look into the issue.. only cut out in same  position.   enjoy reading the rest=== ..called bose at 2:09 pm to replace bose two headset. put on hold for three different depts.. ended calls at 4:03 pm.    TWO HOURS  --NO EXCUSE FOR THAT. difference in operating a business by a Covid `19 panic point then operating using safety guidelines..... know all about their recording about a LOT of calls coming in BUT classic example of not enough operators

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Re: Issue involving Covid 19 and running a corporation



I'm sorry to hear that you've experienced a hardware fault with your Bose product, and of your experience when contacting your local support teams. 


As a peer-to-peer channel for Bose product owners, in line with our Community Guidelines, we will be locking this thread. While there's nothing that we can do to be of assistance to you on the Bose Community forums, I invite you to contact your local support team once again to discuss your concerns further, and for assistance with your headset.

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