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Jan 22, 2020

Issue with QC35 II and Bluetooth (Windows 10 on Macbook Pro using Bootcamp)

Hey all,


I've been trying to get my headphones, the QC35 II,  to connect via bluetooth properly so I can use the microphone capabilities for meetings. The issue is that when it connects, the sub"title" below the device connection shows "Audio" but I know it should be showing Audio and call (or calling)? or other features.




I've tried multiple applications like Zoom or even voice recorder, but the headphones do not show up as an input device.


I found this this thread that recommends taking a look at the bluetooth profile:


And it looks completely fine with, I'm guessing, "AudioWear Voice" and "Handsfree Telephony".





But if you look at Device Manager, the AudioWear, AudioWear Voice is showing up under "Other devices".


Device manager.jpg


Is my OS lacking a driver that allows me to connected the headphones as input as well? It works totally fine when I boot into Mac.