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Apr 20, 2020

Issues with the NC700 (drop outs, music app bugs)

A note to Bose engineers & software developers -


As leading edge as the features of this model are, there are some problems. Most of these issues occur when the headphones are connected to more than 1 device. Since this model employs bluetooth v5, it should be able to handle the multiple device connections pretty seemlessly.


Issues with the NC700:


  1. Frequently cuts out during music playback when connected to more than 1 device (Macbook Pro 2019 + iPhone 11 pro max with music playing from the iphone). Very annoying.
  2. Bose music app doesn't always connect despite headphones clearly connected to the phone via bluetooth (iPhone 11 Pro Max). This happens especially when more than 1 device is connected (iPhone + MacBook Pro 2019).
  3. On a windows PC, if the headphones were previously paired, they don't always automatically connect when powered on. I have had to repeatedly enter pairing mode to reconnect them. The PC was built less than a year ago and is equipped with bluetooth v5.

It seems as though a firmware update could solve at least 2 of the 3 issues. 

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Jun 22, 2020

Re: Issues with the NC700 (drop outs, music app bugs)

I have experienced the same issue.


Just got my NC700 to replace a set of Beats Studio Wireless 3. As of today, it seems to be the worst move ever.


I'm a heavy  (nowadays everyone else is) teleconference (audio and video mix) user, and rely completely on the reliability of my headset. 


It's been pretty much an every time-I-use-them event that the headset, with enough battery) drops the connection and leaves me hanging dry and talking to myself. This is utterly annoying and also impacts my productivity.


B2th connectivity as a selling point is the worst. I concur that a software update would solve this IF Bose pays enough and proper attention to the matter.


I run a 2017 MBP with macOS Catalina, and an iPhone 11 Pro Max.