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Oct 30, 2019

Loud screeching sound QC 35 II



I purchased a set of QC 35 IIs aboout 15 months ago hoping to upgrade from the beats headphones.. and since then i have had to return my headphones 4 times due to faults and i have now just got my fifth pair around 1 month ago. and all it wants to do is make a blistering loud screeching sound every time it comes in contact with the couch, a pillow, gets blown by the wind or is gently touched by my fingers. It only happens when it is paired via bluetooth and have never experienced it happen when wired. but having these wireless headphones wired isn't the reason i purchased them.  It happens whether you are listen to something or not. it's so deafening that I have actual ear damage from this product and can not hear properly any more because of it.


I thought this was going to be resolved but you never seem to solve these issues. a very unhappy customer, the headphones are great when working but that screeching sound is a terrible price to pay and then not to mention having to deal with your support staff for an hour every time. it's ridiculous.


I asked to be upgraded to the latest model because of all these problems I was having, but they refused and offered me either my money back or another pair. so I went for another pair because I just want a pair of headphones that actually work and do what they are suppose to do, not my money back otherwise I would have never brought the things in the first place. anyway, my replacement models keep ending up coming with the same problem the other pairs have and this problem has not been resolved one bit. I've looked at the market to see what other wireless headphones can pair with two devices and have the same battery life, noise cancel, google assist etc. and there doesn't seem to be much. so i'm getting pissed off about this because i don't know how getting another replacement is going to solve anything or me getting my money back is going to solve anything when what i want already exists in this product but just keeps coming with malfunctions.


is there a solution? I've got better things to be doing then deal with this rubbish and get annoyed by your products failing to work properly. it really ruins your mood after a while.


let me know.