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Sep 23, 2020

Mic failing during long zoom meetings

I have QC35 headphones. I use them daily for conference calls and recording lectures via zoom. I record on a Windows 10 machine, with the QC35 connected by bluetooth. I have found that during long recording sessions, the microphone consistently disconnects for no reason. The speakers continue to function fine. I nearly always have to pause recording and switch my mic to my usb webcam (worse sound quality). There does not appear to be an issue with the blue tooth connect. My bose app has the headphones set to never go to sleep. 

Any idea what is going on? No other microphone has this issue. 

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: Mic failing during long zoom meetings

@connercmI don't work for Bose and they are going to have to chime in with more ideas.  I assume you went to the pop up arrow next to the audio button and changed between them various mic options and you selected the mic for the QC35 and it cut out for you.  Now my win10 desktop does not have BT but my Win7 laptop does and I can tell you, the issue may not be the Bose but from my experience it could be flaky BT software and drivers on the windows machine.  I was testing BT for another zoom post here just before and couldn't get things working at all with the builtin BT (made by Intel) on my Dell laptop (win 7/64).  So I inserted my SMK Nano (with CSR drivers) USB dongle and disabled the builtin BT and got it all to work fine.

That does not mean the problem and solution will be the same for you, but it is a 'heads up' since there is really nothing you can do to change the BT communication between your win10 machine and the QC35ii BT communication.  Reinitializing, firmware changing, -- regardless of what imho and with all due respect to the admins here -- will probably not make a difference if it is being caused by the 'other side'.... though reinitializing and firmware updating can be tried though keep in mind if you have a QC35ii - that firmware changing could possibly affect your ANC so I would not personally suggest you do that.

One thing you can try to see if it the other side is go out to amazon or ebay and by any of the USB BT dongles that work with CSR drivers - they are not particularly expensive (normally under $25).  That way you can check the windows end to see if that is the cause. Remember BT is a TWO WAY communication - the problem can be on either end.