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Nov 18, 2019

My [bad] experince with Bose QC and 700

Last year i bought the quiet comforts, and then the 700 were released 2 months later. I didn't feel bad about it because at the time what i paid and was looking for seem fair. Tho i think with a slight better Noise cancelling and USB C they would have made a PERFECT pair, either way i was happy with my purchase.


That was until the update, just like a lot of people i had the same experience after the firmware update. I contacted them and i had to send them in, after almost 3 weeks after constantly contacting them about the my headphones they offer to upgrade me to the 700, and i paid $50 for the difference. Which i was fine with...and so far they have been ok, but not was comfortable as the QC but now i feel cheated.


Like a lot of other people with the 700's i cant be connected to more than one device with out getting audio stutter on my headphones, sometimes audio wont play unless i connect to the Bose app, and sometimes i have to manually go into the app to choose the active stream .For some reason it doesn't auto switch between two devices.


Honestly if they fix these 3 things they be perfect, but there such a nuisance since i have so many devices i want to use my headphones with but im stuck manually using and pairing each time to one or launching the app (which is awful and buggy).This really feels like a rip off and i wish i could go back. Honestly i love the sony mx, but the earphone cups are not deep enough and hurt my ears. When the new one comes out if they have a deeper ear cup i am going to switch over to the sonys WITH ANY **bleep**EN hesitation regardless of the goddamn price. The experience with these headphones is so tedious to use.