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Apr 20, 2020

NC 700 Delayed Audio (Also: Suite of Issues People are Discussing in Single Headset)



When I turn on my headphones, it sometimes takes a long time for Spotify to start playing from my iPad.  I have to disconnect and reconnect and then spontaneously it will start playing.  I also just want to note that I have started to experience a slew of issues in the past week or so.  This may be informative as it may indicate a direction in your firmware updates.  I know these have been experienced by others, but they are all converging on my headset:


(1) Disconnecting from Macbook Air after ~5 mins (It did not used to do this before, and I had Catalina up then)

(2) Sputtering and Stuttering every now and then 

(3) Delayed Audio Latency (I press play on Spotify, there is an indication on the screen that the headphones are connected, the headphone says they are connected, but not audio until I do the above).


My main issue in this post is with the delayed audio, but just in case you want the suite of issues all occurring within a single headset, mine do that.  The ANC is great though. 






Re: NC 700 Delayed Audio (Also: Suite of Issues People are Discussing in Single Headset)

Hi Cali123, 


Thank you for reaching out to us!


I'm sorry to hear of the issues you seem to be experiencing with your NC700. 


Have you been able to try with another device? 


Let me know!


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