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Sep 8, 2019

NC 700 Motionless Auto Shut Off Feedback

I'll provide you feed back now for the proposed fix you have for the NC 700 motionless auto shut off issue. Although the fix has not gone live yet. Providing a fix from 10 minutes to 1 hour is not long enough.  Why do consumers buy noise cancelling headphones in the first place? To enhance their music listening habits, yes, but to also CANCEL THE NOISE, when meditating, sleeping, crying baby on a 12 hour flight, etc.


Your best move, Bose, is to DISABLE the motionless auto shut off altogether.  And as stated in another thread concerning this issue, allow the consumer to manage their own battery usage.  We do not need your help.  We are big boys and girls now.


BTW, is Bose hiring?  I would love to sit in on the round table discussions concerning your products and help with the decision making process.

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Oct 9, 2019

Re: NC 700 Motionless Auto Shut Off Feedback

Ppleae forgive the double post but I'm hoping to get some traction here.


I called Bose today to inquire about the motionless auto-shutoff feature.  


The representative indicated that there were no plans to resolve my issue as the product is working as intended.  The only remedy would be if enough people expressed concern then it would be addressed.  I don't know what enough is but I took the liberty to draft an email.  Please feel free to copy and paste.  Perhaps we can have this address with a little teamwork.


To: support at

Subject: Motionless Auto-shutoff Bose 700


To whom it may concern:


I am one of the numerous Bose 700 headphone users that uses the headphones to sleep, meditate or listen to audio while being motionless for greater than ten minutes.


Hearing a jarring sound when the motionless auto-shut feature activates is not only jarring but it defeats the purpose of the headphones.


Please acknowledge your intent to remedy and timeframe so that I and others can decide to return the headphones while in the acceptable return window.


Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.