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Jul 25, 2020

NC 700 Rebooting

That NC 700 at times stops responding and requires a reboot is well known among users and reviewers.


Recently I noticed that if NC 700 is charged from the USB port of my PC/Laptop, it becomes unresponsive when  charging cable is disconnected. After disconnecting the cable, if it is powered on, after the usual recitals suddenly there is a buzzing sound and the blue power LED keeps glowing, the white LED also keeps glowing with pink colour and the headphone becomes unresponsive. Only way to come out of this state is to go for rebooting. While rebooting I found that if I use the USB port of the laptop to reboot, NC 700 still remains unresponsive. Though the LEDs stop glowing after reboot, powering up is not possible. However, if reboot is done using a mobile phone charger, the reboot is successful and the headphone becomes usable.


Another thing I noticed while charging NC 700 using the USB port of my Laptop. Whenever, I plug the NC 700 to the laptop USB port, the Laptop makes the usual sound notifying that a 'device' is inserted in the USB port. However, no indication is given in the laptop about the device connected or it's purpose. Is it possible, that the PC and NC 700 does hand-shake or exchange some data while connected through the USB port, and when it is disrupted abruptly by disconnecting the charging cable, NC 700 becomes unresponsive?