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Jan 22, 2021

NC 700 - USB dongle

I purchased the NC 700 a while back and my intension was to use it both for personal and work meetings (MS Teams).

Can someone please tell me what is the advantage of this USB Link Bluetooth module other than pre-paired function? 

My headset is connected to my laptop Bluetooth and it gets connected as soon as I turn the headset on so that function doesn't provide any advantage for me, however, some people mentioned it improves the quality with Win 10. As it is people can't hear me very well with the headset when it's connected directly to my laptop, but the call quality on the normal phone is okay, its not great so I thought this mic is not very good. can someone confirm that this USB device will in fact improve the quality?  Also if I get the USB how would this be different from the 700 UC model?

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: NC 700 - USB dongle

@amir_hmn2002(I do not work for Bose)


A USB BT dongle substitutes for the BT hardware already on your computer (which you would need to disable).  One possible advantage would be if you had a BT 5 compliant device and you purchased a BT 5 USB dongle to communicate with the BT 5 using BT protocols.  However, while a BT 5 USB is backward compatible with BT 4 and your NC 700 is a BT 4 device, BT 5 will not function any differently with that device imho as would a BT 4 dongle.

So then that begs the question what other benefit would a BT dongle provide over the built-in BT of your computer (My Dell Precision, uses for example builtin BT 4 hardware from intel).  If the device function purely using the BT 4 protocol, then functionally as far as I can tell (and others can correct me if I am missing something), there will be no difference between an internal BT board and an external BT dongle.  Some vendors may claim improvements (such as faster speed or longer distance of signal) over standard BT 4 but I would take that with a grain of salt and verify it myself if I were purchasing.

So why purchase a BT dongle.  I have one.  From my personal experience the only reason to get one is if you are having functional or connection problems with the internal BT hardware which you can not rectify by updating drivers, undoing windows/mac operating system updates, looking for conflicts with specific applications, etc.  If you get one, I recommend you get one with "CSR Harmony" drivers included.

But if your current internal BT hardware is fully functioning, I would stay away from a dongle.