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Aug 8, 2019

NC 700 experience on quality and software

Bose product name: NC 700

Country: Belgium

Firmware Version: 1.8.2-11524

App Version: 4.2.4


i have 2 NC700 headsets, bought them originally in 2019 to be used when flying

the first one's had a rattling sound when going on a walk, so that was the first time i got the NC700's replaced 

my NC700 got replaced 4 times already:

- rattling sound when walking

- firmware update that made the headset worse in terms of ANC

- rattling sound when walking

- firmware 1.8.2 that made bluetooth connections worse and introduced stutter and ANC got worse

my wife's one got replaced 3 times:

- rattling sound

- firmware update that made the headset worse in terms of ANC

- the on/off switch kinda broke (like you feel a double click)


now that said, i've payed for 2 and already got 5 replacements, so i can't say anything about not being easy on replacements...

but i can't image that this will/can continue...

or they must be so cheap to manufacture that bose doesn't care...

i really don't get it...

the latest firmware (now tested on 5 headsets) makes ANC behave very badly, if i'm in my home office, no other sounds to be heard except a pc speaker set which plays internet radio at a very moderate level (more like background music) and i put my headset on (no glasses, everything fits perfectly on my head, the headset is a new replacement) i can hear *everything* they say coming from the internet radio broadcast, it's obviously much lower in volume but still i can understand all what's being said... and this is on ANC level 10...

when i start a music stream to the headset then obviously this isn't the case anymore

but that said, when walking outside in a moderate wind with ANC on 10 then i still can clearly hear the wind...

same goes with cars, in the previous firmware i didn't dare to walk around on ANC 10 cause i didn't hear the cars coming from behind, so i got used on level 5

but now level 10 behaves like 5, i still hear the cars approaching (which is offcourse desirable but it shouldn't be the case on level 10)


so after 3 years (i've started out with the 35's) i'm disappointed

the software is a problem imho, but the app is also not what i would expect

bose takes pride in their products but i don't see that in the NC700


so i'm really considering getting rid of them (since they both got replaced as we speak)

i don't see any progress in the near future since there are new posts asking about the troubles now...

the only question that remains is what to replace them with...


sorry bose, but i've lost hope for a better release i guess...


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Feb 15, 2021

Re: NC 700 experience on quality and software

So unfortunately true.


I cannot understand the development and/or the stubbornness for rollback... Or the incapacity to provide a good firmware, and to meet the promised performance. 

I still have one, but the forced update degraded the product (sigh) and bose obviously does not care to solve the issues timely lead me to search for system alternatives (xm3 anc is brilliant, but mic is bad). 

I am really considering to test the combo xm3+antlion wireless modmic as an alternative...

Now gathering info for this.