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Nov 21, 2020

NC700 Voice prompt voice and more

just bought NC900. Actually originally bought Sony’s wh-ch910n more affordable but had to return them due to useless call quality. Lovely sound but no good for all day work calls. Anyway when returning I bit the bullet and upgraded to the Bose 900. Wow are they way better for phone calls. Really enjoying them. But nothing’s perfect some minor things that can easily be changed/improved with software omegle xender


1) invest in an actual voice actor or at least upgrade from female version of Microsoft Sam. My gawd this shouldn’t be a comment it’s so benign but we’re talking about Bose and flagship headphones and something that should sound premium, alluring and at minimum pleasant! Coming from the Sony’s the voice prompt was not something I noticed. But now in contrast she sounded gorgeous. Have some pride in voice prompt!!!


2) I see from other comments that the ability to turn off voice prompt was an upgrade. Nice but not complete. Have a 3rd option for discrete prompts such as tones. Imagine even multiple options for different sounding tones that you could assign to known devices. So instead of “connecting to random work laptop name string of digits” a specific tone of my choosing plays. Equally cycling ANC beep vs beep-beep etc so I know which mode I’ve selected. Jeeze have some fun with it your Bose have immersive “sound” prompts. Also if you do this consider volume levels low, med, high. 


3) the only reason I can see you have robotic voice prompt is that it has the ability to read out devices. But again have a list of common preprogrammed names and hire a voice actor to say them. “iPhone” “work laptop” “tablet” 


4) how do you turn Bluetooth off without clearing all devices so you can have ANC only? 


5) don’t force people to register to use the app. Shameful. 

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Re: NC700 Voice prompt voice and more

Hello VoltarGomes, 


Welcome to the community, we are glad to hear that you are enjoying your Noise Cancelling Headphones 700.


We appreciate you taking the time to provide us with your feedback, this is beneficial for us to know your thoughts and your comments will be passed on to the relevant department. 


Have a great day. 

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