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Aug 3, 2019

New QC35 II not turning on (ever)

Hi guys,


I have an issue with the QC35 II , which i just bought.


Basically, the headphones don't seem to turn on.

1.Thought there was no battery, so kept it for some time charging.

2.One other weird thing while charging was a green light followed by a pulsing amber light.


P.S.The heaphones work only via AUX (in the case they are plugged to a USB charger, otherwise there is no sound).


Any suggestions i should try before taking them back to the store?





Re: New QC35 II not turning on (ever)

Hello Indrit, 


Welcome to the Bose Community, thanks for taking the time to post. 


I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your QC35 II headphones.


The pulsing, amber suggests that the headphones are charging, but charging should only take 2.25 hours. Have you tried using a different cable/charger? Using something like a USB port on a computer can yield a much slower charge as there is typically less power output from a computer's port. 


If the issue persists and the product was purchased within the return period, please take the headphones back to the point of sale to seek a refund/exchange. 


Alternatively, if the headphones are outside of the return period, please reach out to support in your country here.


I hope this information helps, and if anyone else is having similar issues, please feel free to join in the conversation!

Kind regards,

Jeff G - Community Support

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Oct 15, 2019

QC35 II not turning on

Bought my QC35ii last April 2019 at Narita Airport and I’m living in the Philippines. Unit won’t turn on even after an hour of charging. LED amber color light just keeps on blinking and it won’t turn on and no voice prompt too. So sad that bought this very expensive headphones and yet this is happening to me 😞