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Sep 3, 2020

Re: Noise Cancelling 700 Firmware Update - 1.7.0 - September 14th 2020

I just wanted to voice my agreement with @Gneuh 


@Wayne_M  Glad that you have made the effort to find out the correct information abeit a little late, but that itself is much appreciated and will be beneficial to others to come.

I have a suggestion here that I hope can make it simple for Bose to consider for fixing whatever remaining trust we still have in your branding/product.


"Re-release the 1.3.1 firmware with a new built number, call it 1.9.0(noEQ) since downgrading is not an option (perhaps due to Bose's stubbornness) making it as an upgrade will not violate whatever Bose's internal policies. "


I do not want the useless EQ function which also introduce whole suite of problems, just restore back the basic stable functionality that 1.3.1 already has.