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May 22, 2020

Noise Cancelling 700 volume increases on its own

Occasionally my NC 700 headphone volume will increase on its own.

* Bose Noice Cancelling 700 Headphones (latest firmware

* Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ phone (Verizon latest OS patch release N975USQS3CTD6)

* United States


To reproduce:

* Pair phone and headphones

* no other devices are currently active or connected with the headphones

* Turn headphones off and on several times (I'm not able to reliably reproduce the issue, but it tends to occur later in the day after turning the headphones off and on multiple times.)

* Play media.  While media is playing, adjust phone volume using side rocker switch (up or down).  Issue also observed with phone software volume slider.

* observed behavior: volume increases to maximum as though a repeated "volume up" command was issued.  Issue is now intermittent but reproducible.  Pausing the media allows volume to be adjusted lower.  Resuming media plays at expected volume.  Adjusting volume causes the volume to increase to maximum.


To resolve:

* rebooting the headset does not resolve the issue

* rebooting the phone resolves the issue


Other notes:

* Issue has not been observed with other bluetooth headphone products (eg phone <-> sport headphones) or other devices (laptop <-> NC 700 headphones)

* Issue occurs using multiple media apps.  First noticed it in google podcasts.  Also occurs in youtube.