Pairing Bluetooth headphones with PC

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Re: QC35.2 only connects voice not headphones

@Jim1556Getting any Bose device to work with windows 7 or 10 is a pain.  I have had problems with all 5 of my Bose wireless devices.  Looks to me like you have gone as far as you can since you have reinstalled windows (I refused to do that with my Dell rep Smiley Happy ) and tried all the drivers.  Your QC35 and your third party Bluetooth vendor (not Microsoft) are not communicating with each other.  That is why you can not hear anything.  I would be curious to know who supplies your Bluetooth hardware on your windows machine - my Dell uses Intel.

There may still be two things left for you try (you may have already tried the first)

1. After I get rid of everything, I wait for windows to go to windows update and recognize the generic hardware.  Then I install the drivers and it goes through another lengthy process again with the windows update thing.  But that is not enough for me to hear anything.  Then I have to go into the device list (I have win 7 but 10 is probably similar) and I double click.  It shows me the two profiles - one for music stereo and one for Voice over IP.  I enable the music thing and that actual/finally makes the connection.  But still no sound - the stereo device in the playback devices list is still offline.  I reboot the machine and go back into the device list and make it the default (that is important).  Now I can finally hear everything on all my Bose devices - both with my laptop which uses Intel integrated hardware and my desktop which uses a dongle.   Again, you may have already tried this but I can say it works for me on two different machines.

2. Another possibility Dell told me about which I did not try is using a different set of third party BT drivers.  I didn't try it because by the time they told me about it, I got the Intel drivers to work.  I was told the BT drivers from Toshiba were freeware and could be used for any BT hardware for any version of Windows.  Worth taking a crack at it.  If it doesn't work, then uninstall.... (make sure you uninstall all current drivers first)

If nothing works you can certain revert to using it wired, but for $12 it could be worth it to try the SMK Nano Dongle for a spin.  I can't say it will work for you and I now only use it on my desktop (because my Intel on my Dell laptop now works), but it was able to connect with all my Bose BT equipment (2 Revolve's, soundlink mini 2, soundsport wired, and QC35ii) on both my Dell laptop and desktop.

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Re: QC35 Bluetooth Stuttering/Drop-outs

@Lizard Wizard You need Bluetooth drivers that are "64-bit" from the vendor who supplies your Bluetooth hardware.  generic windows drivers will not be enough and it is unlikely that they will be found on windows update.  Sometimes the PC supplier will carry, distribute and support drivers for the equipment and peripherals that are included in your PC.  I have two Dells (Precision laptop and Precision desktop) and I could get them from Dell.  But they may not be the recent drivers.  So I generally go to the vendor who made the BT hardware to get their most up to date drivers.

So as a pure example since you may have different hardware, my Dell laptop (and most Dell machines) uses BT hardware from Intel.  So to get my BT drivers I go to

I download the appropriate file and if it is a ZIP file, unzip it.  Otherwise, I run the file which installs the drivers.


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QC35's not working on Windows 8.1



For the past few days I've been trying to connect my 35's to my PC. No matter what I try, I cannot get my PC to detect the headphones. I've tried everything that comes up within the first page on google and nothing has worked. Drivers are up to date on both PC and Headphones. All other devices I can connect to perfectly fine (phone, laptop etc.) but for some reason my PC is giving me trouble.


Pls help

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Re: QC35's not working on Windows 8.1

I do not work for Bose but I have been in your boat.  Getting any Bose Bluetooth (BT) device to work with Windows 7,8, or 10 is a challenge.  In the simplest case, if your Bose device has been paired and shown up, first check to see if another audio device is the 'default', it could be as simple as making the Bose stereo audio device the default.  You may also see a headset device - that is what get's used with Voice Over IP (VOIP) applications such as Skype.  That device is single channel mono and not designed for stereo playback.


If that is not your issue, then check to see if your device is there but 'offline'.  If that is the casem then your device has been paired but the "A2DP" bluetooth service is not currently running or active.  I have Win 7/64 and yours will be different, but you need to go into your Bluetooth window and double click on the stereo device (or get its properties) and start the audio profile going.


If neither of them help, then your problem is harder to solve.  In that case, you need to uninstall your Bluetooth device drivers, reboot your machine, reinstall the device drivers and reboot and then do the above if necessary after pairing.  Make sure you have reset your QC35 first.  The drivers you need come from the vendor who has supplied your Bluetooth hardware - not Microsoft and you can NOT rely on Windows update to get them (you will get other things from windows update).  For example, I have a Dell Precision laptop.  Dell uses Intel for the Bluetooth hardware, so the drivers come from the Intel web site.


If that does not help, go ahead and uninstall the drivers again and reboot.  This time, look for newer drivers or even try older drivers back say two years.


If that does not help, you will next have to look for conflicts between your BT vendor and Microsoft Windows update.  Intel identifies at least two windows updates on its site that interfere with BT.  Even if you don't use Intel and you are on win 8 and not win 7, make sure those two are not installed and then go ahead and uninstall windows updates back about 2 years to see if that helps.


If that does not help, if you were like me and regularly or occasionally done an image backup, you will need to do a restore.  BACKUP ALL YOUR CURRENT DATA FIRST since restore will destroy it.  In my case, I restored a backup from June 30, 2018 (8 months back) and for me that did the trick.  Something since 6/30/18 that was on my PC was causing my problem.


If that does not help or you have no image backups and are willing to reinstall windows and all your drivers from scratch, you can try that as your last hope.


If none of the above works, you have a conflict between Bose, Microsoft, and your 3rd party BT vendor.  It is not likely that any of the three will change anything anytime soon to allieve your situation.  So you can either 'live with it' or disable totally your 3rd party BT hardware in Windows and go with a USB solution.  Some that work with one vendor may not work with another vendor.  You have to test until you get one that works for you.  I can tell you that I have used a SMK Nano USB dongle with CSR drivers on my two Dells and all my Bose devices work fine.

P.S. - here is one 'longshot'.  Dell told me that a user can uninstall their third party BT drivers and use the Toshiba freeware BT drivers which are supposed to work with any vendor and all versions of Windows.  I have never myself tested them:


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QC35ii turns of, ok its a problem, but why is the fix only available with PC and not MAC?? Or Linux?

Any high end company should support multiple systems, don't go only PC on customers. Be a profesional company, try it!!! I challange you, haaa as I was typing this they turned on and of again!!!! 


Works good othervise, nice quality, good battery life, **bleep**ty that the two prong adaptor is not included with the "ii" but was with the "i", going backwards is seldom right. 


Do things right! And you will be good at it, do things wrong and you will be good at that. Always listen to people that know better!!!


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Re: Pairing Bluetooth headphones with PC

Just spent few hours cracking this nut then found a random youtube comment which solved my issue. 


My issue on windows 10: when adding my headpones as new device, "LE-BOSE QC 35 II" was added which then didn't work/display as a playback device.


Step by step fix;

  1. type "device installation settings" in start menu and disable automatic download/installation of drivers
  2. remove previously added device, for example "LE-BOSE QC 35 II"
  3. download and install latest bluetooth drivers for your machine (for dell inspirion 15 in my case), default windows bluetoth drivers don't cut it
  4. connect your QC35 to your phone, open Bose Connect app, go to Connections and select "Connect new"
  5. now try to add new device on your PC, select "Bose QC 35 II". DON'T add "LE-BOSE QC 35 II" (for some reason non-LE option is not displayed without requesting new connection from your app)
  6. Disable "Headset/Hands-free" playback device in "Sound control panel" and use "Headphones" device to avoid bad quality sound
  7. enjoy your high end headphones which you expected would be plug&play Smiley Very Happy


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Re: Pairing Bluetooth headphones with PC

LE is the abbreviation for bluetooth low emission (ble).  The QC-35ii does not emit a BLE signal like some other Bose devices when it is off.  However, it does when it is on and so in essence there are two  devices - one full functioned bluetooth and one with limited Bluetooth functionality (the LE device).  Never connect to the LE Device on a windows machine.  In fact, on my windows 7/64 (an older version), when I do an add device, I could see the "LE-" device first and if I wait a bit, it disappears and turns into the device without the pre-fix and that is the one I add.

On the few times I have called Bose about the LE device, they said to always ignore it.

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How to change Bose Headset to stereo instead one single channel in Windows 10?

In windows 10 control panel, no choice but single channel. Anybody know how to enable the two earbuds?



Re: How to change Bose Headset to stereo instead one single channel in Windows 10?

Hello, DeltaIV! Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community.


I am sorry to hear you are having difficulty, but am glad to help. If you have the SoundSport Free, you can get stereo audio on the initial connection only. Due to an incompatibility with Windows 10, the audio will default to the Hands Free Profile on subsequent connections. The only solution of which we are aware is to clear the connection and pair each time you wish to use them. I hope this helps.




Best Regards,


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QC35 and Chromebook Acer Spin 13 audio lag

I am experiencing issues with my QC35 on a Chromebook Acer Spin 13. I am able to pair  the headphone but as soon as I am looking to a video streaming I have lags or disconnections. The same headphone was working perfectly on a Acer R13. It is also specific to the QC35 because my Jabra Elite 65T are working perfectly.

I've seen in archive, description of a similar issue but with no resolution.

If someone could help, it should be great because I love my QC35 but I am no more able to use it.