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Jun 1, 2021

Please clarify powering and battery of the Bose 700 headphone

Hi, does it turn on all the time and require the user to manually to turn it off or it powers down automatically after removed from the head to save power? In the latter case, what is the time interval?


In order to have the battery to last longer before needing a replacement, what shall we do? Keep it charged before going to bed every night or keep using it until it runs out of power?


In case of needing to replace the battery, how much will it cost? Is it user replaceable?


Re: Please clarify powering and battery of the Bose 700 headphone

Hello boss2boss, 


Thanks for posting! 


You press and release the Power/Bluetooth button to turn the headphones on.


The headphones feature an auto-off function that conserves the headphone battery by using motion-detection. They power off when you have not moved the headphones for 10 minutes and to awaken the headphones, press the Power/Bluetooth button. You also have the ability to set the headphones to power off when no music is playing. Both features can be adjusted in the Bose Music app


Learn more about Auto-off mode here.


To keep the battery conditioned and running at it's best capacity, I recommend using the battery from 100% and let it run down to 0%. This helps the lithium ion battery retain it's capacity memory. The battery is not user-replaceable, service comes in the form of a replacement product, we do not repair headphones. Pricing will vary from region to region, but is always lower than the original R.R.P of the product. If the headphones are no longer available, a similar product of equal or higher value will be offered.


I hope this helps! 


If you have any additional questions please feel free to get in touch. 


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