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Nov 16, 2020

Re: WHOOPS... Something happened and <headphone's name> has disconnected.

It’s November 2020 and this problem has no solution yet, if you have your Bose QC35 II connected to a Windows 10 and an iPhone (or iPad) it keeps disconnecting and connecting to the apple device every 10-20 seconds, it’s really annoying, I’m very disappointed of Bose, this is a very expensive product, there is hundreds of people having this same problem al over the Internet and the technical support always give the same useless procedures like turn on and off or clear the Bluetooth device list, maybe update the firmware, NOTHING WORKS, I think at this point they are aware of this and it’s a hardware issue that cannot be solve via firmware so, if you are reading this and still have warranty save yourself time and headaches, go and RETURN YOUR DEVICE, it’s being many years and still no resolution it won’t be solved.