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Sep 16, 2020

QC 15 Battery leak repair

I have an old pair of QC 15 earphones. Unfortunately, the battery has leaked and Inserting a new battery does not activate the set, the light does not come on.  Can I use a QTIP soaked in basic solution to neutralize the acid and not completely destroy the electrical connection?


Any suggestions would be most helpful.



I am in Toronto




Re: QC 15 Battery leak repair

Hello T6pilot, 


Thanks for reaching out to the Community today for the first time! Sorry to hear that this has happened to your headset. 


We recommend that you use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab to clean both battery contacts; one is in the compartment; one in the spring on the door. Let the product air dry before use. 


If you are still having issues with the headset after this, I would highly recommend getting in touch with our customer service team via clicking this link, then kindly scroll and select your region, once this is done please scroll to Contact Us. The team will be on hand and ready to help.

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