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Apr 11, 2020

QC 35 Audible Frequency Range in Hz

What is the audible frequency range in Hz of the QC 35 headphones (i.e. 20-20,000 Hz)?


Re: QC 35 Audible Frequency Range in Hz



Thanks for reaching out! Bose does not publish these specifications. The reason for this is that we believe such statistics do not add very much to an understanding of an audio product's acoustic characteristics and, even worse, can be misleading. Audio manufacturers make these measurements independent of industry standards, and in varying conditions.

Additionally, a single statistic is not a reliable measurement of a product's performance. One could, for instance, find a very expensive system with exactly the same specifications as a much less expensive system. On paper, the two would appear identical. The difference in performance, however, would be significant.

A better approach, we feel, is to listen to the product. We strongly urge you to make your own comparisons. Bose systems will surpass your expectations.

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