QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself

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Re: QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself

I have called three or four times and on the last three phone calls, they told me this.  I did not record it or get it in writing, though.  My situation is slightly different.  I have been responding to this issue here since oct or nov.  In Nov, Bose asked some number of us - not sure how many (including me) to send back our QC35i's so that the engineers can test them.  They replaced mine at no cost with a QC35ii.  I have been emailing them on status since then to share here but the last response a couple of weeks ago said they were still testing.  I'm going to email them again today.

When I heard and saw the evidence on the case, I immediately took out my cables from the cover.  But still wondered why even for the Qc35ii that was not happening.  Then I remembered that as soon as I received the QC35ii (which BTW was new and not referbished), I immediately noticed that the QC35i on/off switch was easy to slide back and forth and that the QC35ii on/off switch was much firmer and harder to push.  I believe that is likely why we are not seeing the same issue with the Qc35ii.  One could 'guess' that the engineers may have known about possible on/off issues and so they redesigned it for the QC35ii.  Still - I no longer keep anything in the cover.

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Re: QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself

Bose, I need your help.

My QuietComfort 35 series I headphones started turning on by themselves a few weeks ago. I just called you tech support line and they said that (despite that I see hundreds of people reporting the same issue in the blog) "this is not a known issue and that millions of units have been manufactured", she also mentioned that my "out of warranty unit can be upgraded to the series II for $259 USD!!!", outrageous!, almost the price of a new set!!!. After complaining about the unrealistic "upgrade offer" price, she offered a "deep discount to "$129 USD", which still looks outrageous!

I see that you are working on the analysis of this issue, is this true?, when do you expect a resolution?




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Re: QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself

@Fernando1Try calling again and asking for escalation to a supervisor, then explain the situation. May have better luck with a replacement.

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Re: QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself

Maybe try sending the tech support a link to this thread so they can learn that a significant amount of people are affected, and some are getting full replacements with the QC-II? This thread is now 42 pages long with dozens upon dozens of unique people affected. It clearly documents the issue, the fix, and the probable root cause. I can't see how they would be able to deny the defect exists. Obviously the people that found and commented in this thread is probably the tip of the iceburg for the total amount of people that are experiencing this.

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Re: QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself

Hi All,


First, I'm still not 100% convinced that this is a purely hardware issue. With the switch in the OFF position, and the QC35 being really off, the green LED also off, i can turn it on by pressing any of the buttons, just the same way as waking up from sleep mode. I don't remember this feature from before the 2.3.5 upgrade. Additionally, quite frequently, the QC35 turns on exactly when I turn on my laptop, or enable bluetooth on my phone. Cannot be a coincidence.


Second, I tried to do the fix mentioned here by Kiva-Kingas. However, I was unable to remove the metal shield from the top of the switch, i couldn't really get a good grip, I was afraid of bending it of scratching the PCB. Is there any trick to removing that metal shield? How dig you guys do it?


Third, about the idea of the cables in the case damaged the switch... I was carrying the QC35 to work every day to work, and then back home, for a year now, in my laptop backpack, the QC35 case being wedged between laptop and all the random $hit I keep in the outer compartments, charger etc, applying pressure to the case and therefore to the power switch. Still, when taking apart the right earcup, and removing the plastic knob, and fiddling with the switch, applying pressure, moving it in all direction, I could not trigger the issue, the switch didn't feel flimsy at all. But instead of removing the cables from the top of the case, I found another option, if I put the QC35 in the reverse direction, the cables are pushing the left earcup instead of the right, as seen on this photo: https://photos.app.goo.gl/soHgnW7rrt6qAexp9

With the QC35 packed this way, I tried to apply pressure to the top of the case, and I couldn't even get it to touch the top of the right earcup, therefore it won't press the switch either. So I suggest this method, as this way you're able to keep the cables neatly packed with the headphones, as well as keep them from damaging the switch.




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QC 35-1 Not turning on

Moving the slider switch to on doesnt seem to work anymore. My qc 35 also randomly turns on. I bought my headphones in New York (its now out of warranty) and I am in India for a few months. 


Is there any chance to get a replacement set ? I would really hate to pay to get them fixed. 

My service center is closed for 2 days. 


Really sucks Smiley Sad 

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Re: QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself (but also QC 35-ii)


Switch the headset off with the slide button and a few seconds later the gree light comes back on. No way to switch it off.


Had two international flights that started with empty batteries.


Very frustrating, no solution to be found for this online 


Attached the image of an off position with light on





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Re: QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself (but also QC 35-ii)



I'm really bummed to hear that your QC35ii has also exhibited the same behavior. When I get my replacements I'll make very sure to protect them from excess pressure when stored to hopefully ward off the problem. I hope Bose identifies the root cause and finds a way to fix them so this problem can be remedied.


Re: QC 35-1 Not turning on

Hi harveyslash,


Thanks for posting. I am so sorry to hear about that. I would recommend contacting your local support team to see if they can assist you. Here is a link you can use. Click on your region, scroll down until you see "Contact Us."




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Re: QC 35-1 Not turning on

@Tony_G I know you are constrained by what you can or can not say, but as you can see, this thread is at 42 pages and there are obviously many other threads on the topic.  We know the only workaround is to keep it charging when not in use which isn't always an option.  The 'debate' lingers on whether it is the cover of the case putting pressure on the switch or it is the firmware BLE implementation or both.  You can't tell us what you don't know and we know that the engineers have been looking at it now since at least November (when I gave back my QC35-i for testing) - possibly earlier.   People here are looking for status and direction.  They want to know what they should be doing next and what Bose's position is on the issue.

We also know imho that what people hear when they call the number as you suggest is not neccessarily a unified and singlular response and ownership of the problem.  It is NOT a problem specific to anyone's QC35i - its a group issue or perhaps we can call it a 'class issue'.  Whatever you call it, Bose should not penalize the customer no matter what the issue is.  Customers should NOT EVER be told they need to spend any money to fix the situation.  That is the wrong thing to say.  Especially since we know it is an inconsistent answer.  If the customer knows to escalate or keep calling back they will eventually be offerred a free exchange.

So my suggestion is let's get an idea of the current status of the testing with the engineers and let everyone here know what the situation is instead of referring them to the phone support people who know even less and will inevitibly make people upset by suggesting them need to pay more money for a solution.   Any information however tentative is better than leaving people hanging for months more.