QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself

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I had the same issue. With the switch in the off position, the headphones were putting out a signal. The green light was also on as was the white connect light. I had to cycle the on/off switch several times and it eventually turned off. The problem was recurring and seemlingly random. After i took the headphones apart and followed the tip from another user, i stopped having the problem. That is why i am convinced it was a hardware issue and not an electronic issue. Not saying i am right, just providing information. I expect issue to return once the pins have bent again.
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Re: QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself

Nah, you're completely right

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Re: QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself


This conversation is in my opinion starting to ressemble a political discussion on FB Smiley Happy.  This is not a competition nor does anyone score points for being right or wrong.   We are all adults here so let's be civil about our discourse and lay off the personal accusations and insults.

I don't rant (which I find the term offensive).  Perhaps 2/3 of my post was about all the other Bose devices which also have problems turning on by themselves.  I no longer have a QC35i so I have no vested interest in the solution for the QC35i other than just curiosity and a possible similarity to the turning on of my other Bose devices

You say "You're getting delusional and you should just stop your crazy ranting."  You are now bordering on a gray area where you could be violating the terms of service of this site.  We are entitled to our opinions.  In fact, you and others have a real good case for it being a hardware issue.  Let's see what Bose says.  But as far as I know this site is 'community.bose.com'.  We are a community and you should not be saying things as what I quoted.  I hope you can refrain from doing that again.  It's Christmas so I will forgive you.


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Hi all,


Thanks for everyone chiming in. We do request that everyone keep on topic here and be civil. Also, remember that if you are having an issue with your headset we would encourage you to contact your local support team for assistance.Here is a link you can use. click on your country, scroll down until you see "Contact Us."




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Re: Headphones power on automatically

Thanks to @Kivi-Kingas I have fixed the problem, and I did not see any issues a few days. Below are detailed steps to fix the problem, be careful with those small stuff.

1. Tools you may need.


2. Remove those 3 stuff



Remove the above switch button you will see this smart device in silver/balck color


Remove the silver metal surface - this is the most chanllenge work..


You can see what is inside



Above is the key step to fix the problem, bend the prongs.

THen it is all set.

Put everything back to where it was.


My qc35 has the issue that when swich button state as off, but it will turn on automatically and connect to my iPhone.

and it will also turn on by itselft when you click any button like volumn up/down.


THis has fixed my problem smoothly

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Re: Headphones power on automatically

I performed the fix that @qiangliu illustrates above about a month ago, and since then have had no return of the issue, with totally normal functioning of my headphones. So far, it looks like a total of five people have tried the fix and it has worked for all five. If you want to try the fix for yourself, Qiangliu did a good job showing the process in his pictures, and a while back I also posted some written instructions here if needed.

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Re: Headphones power on automatically

This is good to hear.  If Bose finally concludes the same thing, it will be 'very interesting' to see how they handle it.  The right thing to do would be to issue a 'recall' for all QC35i.  That is highly unlikely for many reasons - one would be the potential public relations and news media nightmare.  I would hope they would offer a free exchange to a QC35ii (I assume that they are no longer manufacturing qc35i's ????) whether it was in warantee or not for anyone who describes this issue.  The way they are doing it right now is problematic where some people get free exchanges while others do not.

Many of those who come here (and don't come here) are not at all technical and incapable of performing the steps to fix the issue themselves.


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Re: Headphones power on automatically

I just returned to see how things have played out since my QC35 i had this issue and I am pretty disapointed that I could've fixed my pair at no cost and saved myself from "discounted" upgrade to QC35 ii.  I hope Bose handles this better going forward because they have already lost me as a customer.

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Re: Headphones power on automatically

To aviod the issue happen again, I spent some time on investigating on the root cause for the issue, and the note is that please do not use the headset box, let me explain why..

Check below structure for qc35I:



I guess everyone use the headset box when you are traveling or going outside. And there is a smart design on cover of the headset box, there is a small package on the cover of the box where we can put the AUX line and USB line in it. Check below screenshots.

But just because of the smart desgin package it will give lots of pressure to the switch button if you close the box(close the zipper) and put it in your travel package.


And the situation comes to even worse if you put the headset box with your darling qc35I in it at the very bottom of your travel package.


The pressure mades the prongs bended(switch button on mainboard) forever and could not contact to the metal on mainboard properly... 

So that is why you will find the issue suddenly happen after you take out the headset from the box after a long time non-use, or after a long trip travel. This is not due to BLE issue....I am pretty sure on that...

For people who has this issue, can you still remember how often have you used the headset box?

At last, if you have got your qc35 fixed, either by fixed by yourself or replaced from bose, I would recommand you to not use the headset box anymore, if you have to use it please remove the aux and usb lines from the smart package of the box.

I hope the engineers from bose could see my findings,... and hope this could help them to find the fault of the swith button desgin  and help customers to resolve their issues then improve the bose products in future.

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