QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself


Re: QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself

Hi Daniel,


I'm sorry to hear of the issues you are having with your QC35 headphones and sorry to hear that the service center in Jakarta was unable to repair the product. 


As a resident of Indonesia, we have very little jurisdiction in that location so my recommendation would be to reach out to the support team here.




Jeff G






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Re: QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself

Dear Jeff,

The link you referred me to click was the same distributor of Bose that can not do the repair for my QC35.

So disappointing to hear there’s nothing Bose can do to support its customer in Indonesia.

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Re: QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself

There is a temporary solution for this issue.

First thing to do: Update the software using a smartphone by installing the Bose Connect app (I use android so I am not sure what its called in Apple and I have not tested on another device eg. laptop).

Under the Settings option on the Bose Connect app, set the Standby Timer from either 5 minutes to 3 hours.

Disconnect the device from the Bose Connect app by selecting disconnect button and turn off bluetooth on Smartphone. QC35 should automatically turn off. Do not touch the buttons on the QC35 to avoid turning it on.

Once QC35 is turned off, you can turn on your smartphone's bluetooth if you need it to connect to a different device.

To reconnect, turn on your smartphone's bluetooth and press the play button on QC35.

You can also connect QC35 afterwards to other devices and it should automatically turn off after 5 minutes on standby mode.

The battery level doesn't drain itself as long as QC35 remains turned off (e.g. buttons not touched)

Mines no longer turning itself on.
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Re: Headphones power on automatically

Thanks, I am going to try it.

@qiangliu wrote:

Thanks to @Kivi-Kingas I have fixed the problem, and I did not see any issues a few days. Below are detailed steps to fix the problem, be careful with those small stuff.

1. Tools you may need.


2. Remove those 3 stuff



Remove the above switch button you will see this smart device in silver/balck color


Remove the silver metal surface - this is the most chanllenge work..


You can see what is inside



Above is the key step to fix the problem, bend the prongs.

THen it is all set.

Put everything back to where it was.


My qc35 has the issue that when swich button state as off, but it will turn on automatically and connect to my iPhone.

and it will also turn on by itselft when you click any button like volumn up/down.


THis has fixed my problem smoothly


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Re: QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself

My headphones have this same problem, I reached out to your support department and they told me they can't do anything other than offer me a "discount" rate to buy another headphones which, by the way, is more expensive than buying a new set in Amazon. Unfortunately, they were not able to help any further. I feel very disappointed.

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Re: QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself

@Ana Ceci  If you read some of the previous 70 screens here, you will see and read that this is a global issue (not just your unit) and there is no effective workaround or setting.  The problem lies in the shifting of the contacts in the on/off switch which has been confirmed by dozens here though Bose has been investigating it since mid 2018 and has not yet shared its results here.  Your options really are twofold: (1) either use the picutres you see above to fix it yourself - every one doing so has said here, the problem is fixed OR (2) you have to keep calling Bose support - perhaps escalating multiple times until you get someone who is willing to exchange your unit at no cost - whether or not it is in warantee.  Should not make a difference. They may make you troubleshoot but we know that won't make a difference - it is a hardware issue.  Do not pay anything.  It is all about persistence.  Those who do will eventually be able to convince a support person to do the exchange for free.  Again - it may take many times perhaps more than 10.

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Re: QC 35-I is Turning On By Itself

@joelirwin Thanks for summing up the experiences of a lot of people here. Super helpful.

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Re: Headphones power on automatically

Well my QC35 was turning on and off after reading other users response I opened one response which gave the link to update the headphones software. Seems it worked since yesterday they are back to normal. Worth trying. 


Re: Headphones power on automatically

Hi A kudela, 


That's great to hear the update worked for you. 


If anyone else is having issues with this, it is definitely recommended you try performing the update as this may help resolve the issue for you. 


Kind regards, 


Jeff G

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Re: Headphones power on automatically

@A kudela 

We are all reasonably sure here that the problem is a slippage of the contacts in the on/off switch.  It is a hardware issue and there is no workaround including firmware update.  Imho, your on/off issue will come back. If for some reason it does not after a couple of weeks, come back here at let people know.