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Nov 19, 2019

QC 35 II - Dual pairing stutter issue



In the past month, I started having issues with dual pairing. Pairing both my laptop (XPS 15) and my phone (Galaxy S9) is going fine. However, when I'm listening to music on the computer while also connected to the phone (so it rings when I receive a call), if I browse Facebook or Instagram (without sound on the videos) I have major stutter issue as if the phone and the laptop were sending signal to the headphones.


It is very annoying as I cannot use my phone fully while listening from the computer so I always find myself to disconnect the headphone and miss call..


I have the last revision of the firmware. This issue is not happening with other Bose speakers that I have (revolve+).

Thanks for your help,



Re: QC 35 II - Dual pairing stutter issue

Hello there, 


Thanks for posting and reaching out to us today! I am sorry to read that you are experiencing some audio issues with your headphones and would love to do all I can to assist you with this. 


The best step to begin with for an issue like this would be to completely wipe the pairing list of the headphones and reconnect to both of the devices. You can clear the Bluetooth pairing list for the headphones by powering on the headphones and sliding the power switch to the Bluetooth icon for around 10 seconds until you hear that the device list has been cleared. 


Once this is done please simply reconnect the devices and test the scenario again! If you still experience this issue then please reset the headphones and the devices, you can perform this step on the headphones by following these steps below: 

  • Power off your product, then wait 30 seconds
  • Connect your product to a wall outlet using a USB charger, then wait five seconds
  • Disconnect the USB cable from the headset, then wait one minute
  • Power on your product.

Please also ensure that your PC and mobile device are running the latest software to avoid any incompatibility issues between the devices. 


I look forward to hearing back from you with the result of these steps and if any other community members are having a similar issue please post below. 


Warm Regards, 

Hector B - Community Support 

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Dec 9, 2019

Re: QC 35 II - Dual pairing stutter issue

I experience the same problem, none of these steps worked for me.

I have however been able to minimize the times it happens, going into settings on my phone I have turned off all sound effects for locking and navigating my phone, now the stuttering only appears when I get a notification that has not been silenced.


Re: QC 35 II - Dual pairing stutter issue

Hi Fugelstag,


Thank you for providing that update.


It sounds like what is happening, is that when you are getting a notification on your phone it is taking over the audio of the headphones. In the same way it can interrupt an audio stream on your phone when a notification alert comes through. 


The only way to get this to stop completely would be either to turn off notifications on your phone or laptop.


Kind Regards,


Keith L