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Feb 28, 2021

QC 35 II can't connect to Windows 10 (not recognized as Headphones) and can't connect to new phone

I have been having difficulty to connect my Bose QC 35 II to my Asus ZenBook Windows 10 for some time, tried a lot of the complex solution following all the advice I can possibly googled only to find the solution that worked for me was apparantly very simple.


My main problem was that Windows 10 (despite all the updates installed on my laptop and my QC 35 II) could not never recognized my QC35II as a Headphone, hence I can't pair it and can't use it with my laptop for conference call etc. I can plug in the QC35 II to hear music, but can't make the microphone work.


Before I can solve the connection problem, I have my 2nd problem when I broke my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (where I had my Bose Connect App) and for some reason I then can't pair the QC 35 II with my replacement phone, an Iphone 6+. It keeps trying to connect with the note 8 and (I tried the 10 seconds bluetooth button hold to erase previous devices, it didn't work either)


My solution is 2 step:

1. I went to Bose and had them reset my headphones. This enables me to connect the QC35 II with my Iphone 6 and the installed Bose Connect App.

2. Secondly, from my Iphone 6's Bose Connect App, then I go to the Bluetooth Connections settings (on the bottom left logo) and chose Connect New. Then windows 10 through the Bose Connect app miraculously identify my Bose QC35 II as Headphone!


Problem finally solved.


Hope this helps