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Mar 8, 2017

QC 35 II disconnects when I call from my Android Samsung Galaxy

Hi, it used to work quite nicely before, but I think after some recent upgrade, things have turned bad. I can't call anyone from my Samsung Galaxy S7 anymore while being connected to BOSE QC 35 II through headphone. It just disconnects the bluetooth within a 2-3 seconds. No problem while listening to music . I don't know if this is a problem with the new firmware or something to do with Android, can't even find anyone else who had this problem. Any idea, what might have gone wrong ?


Re: QC 35 II disconnects when I call from my Android Samsung Galaxy

Hey @ShuvoSyd,


That sounds quite odd - have you been able to test your headphones with an iOS device for calling? What I'd recommend is to clear the pairing list of the headphones as shown HERE, then to perform a reset on the product as shown HERE.


Afterward, attempt a call on your Galaxy S7 and let me know if the headphones are able to be used for making a call.

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