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Jan 14, 2021

QC 35 II keeps disconnecting and reconnecting from iPhone while connected to laptop.

I recently got the QC 35 II and every time I am on a call (Teams, Discord, Zoom) the headphones start disconnecting then immediately reconnecting from my iPhone. It'll say "iPhone lost/diaconnected-connected to iPhone" about every thirty seconds. It won't stop unless I turn off my iPhone's bluetooth. Each time it happens the phone is not in use and is simply resting on the desk (within two feet of the headphones and laptop)

I have an iPhone 7+ with the latest ios and a Windows 10 laptop. I have seen similar forums with the exact same issue with different models of phones and laptops ranging to the newest iphone to a Pixel phone, macbooks and windows computers. And all that it says is to do the reboot thing where you turn them off, wait thirty seconds, connect them, wait one minute then turn it off again. I've also seen suggestions to clear the bluetooth list. I've done both of these about ten times each. I still have the same issue every time. Each time there is no reply from Bose except to restart the device. I have a bluetooth speaker that I have used on my laptop and on my iphone (separately) and I have never had any connection problems. This is highly frustrating and disappointing for such an expensive and high quality product.