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May 26, 2020

QC 35 / QC 35 II Static / White Noise - Manufacturer Defect (issues since 2016) - NOT resolved

BOSE Support / Leadership:


I've gone through all the threads dating back to 2016 for QC 35s and white / static noise.  It has not been resolved and is purely a manufacturer defect.  It is associated with ANC and either Bluetooth or wired.  Is is terrible and for $350 headphones - COMPLETELY unacceptable and needs resolution via a 'fix' or allow us customers to return these headphones for our $350 back.  


I'm having the exact same issue that's been identified in this entire thread from all those users.  Updated firmware, reset device, same results. Just out of warranty and want to charge me $209 for a replacement set for what appears to be a manufacturer defect based on so many of the same issues we all have identified.  This is like a defect on a car that's manufacturing related, and this certainly is.  These headphones should all be replaced at n/c for all of us and correct the manufacturer defect.  For all those that are have/had this, I would suggest adding the same comments on this thread.  We pay a premium for the Bose name, and expect a much greater level of support and backing of your product - especially for $350 headphones.  


Please let us know how BOSE plans to handle this.