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Oct 17, 2020

QC 35 ii Ambient Noise Amplification

Why is it that there appears to be no answer for the ambient noise amplification with the QC35ii.  This has been an issue for many people who use this headphones with their phones going back to 2017, and yet nothing seems to have been resolved.  I just purchased a pair of QC35ii, specifically so I could use them with my iPhone.  Everyone I talk to when using them complains, and on top of it all, I hear my own voice amplified.  As my parents used to say "I'm not mad, just extremely disappointed."

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: QC 35 ii Ambient Noise Amplification

@scamrtstAs a customer like you, I can only say 'I hear you'.  It is not likely you will see any further comment from Bose on this issue (other than comments supplied, if any, in firmware upgrades).  They conducted an extensive study in 2019 and through their testing and their own conclusions stated that they did not find any issues regarding ANC.  Many users could clearly hear a 'difference' when moving to another firmware release but Bose in their own words (as I understood it) were unable to substantiate the claim.  So I am 'guessing' that from their perspective, the case is closed.  You will not hear any more from them on this subject.

Keep in mind that the ANC 'issue' was never considered 'global' - while many 'complained', others did not.  I have moved through perhaps 5 or 6 of the firmware versions (sometimes more than once), for example on my QC35ii AE and have never had any issues with my ANC.


p.s. - with firmware 4.8.1 and Bose Connect 13.0.2, there is a new option called "Self Voice" with four settings.  It is supposed to allow your to adjust how much of your voice you can hear on a phone call.