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Apr 5, 2020

QC 35 ii right ear stop working after developing crackling noise

Hi All

My QC 35 ii started developing issues in the right year speaker after an year of usage. First it started as a small crackling noise with foot steps when I walk and developed to a big rustling noise over the time and then it stop suddenly. A little tap on the righ ear was helpful sometimes, but now it has completely stopped working.

Tried with the cable while the headphone power is off, both ears are working. When turned on, right ear does not work (even for voice prompt / noise cancellation). Seems like a problem with power / noise cancellation cct. 

With call centres are closed with Covid19, it is impossible to get some help from service team. Can anyone from service team help me out here? Does anyone else have similar problem?


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Oct 14, 2020

Re: QC 35 ii right ear stop working after developing crackling noise

       I want to know why the Q 35ll headphones cost almost as much as a 300 Sound Bar. The price of your headphones are insulting and made for the "super rich" or that is how they are perceived by a bunch of my "middle class" friends. 

        Why don't you bring back the wired Q 35's so i can watch TV while my wife is sleeping? Wireless headphones are horrible for watching TV because of time delays. Why haven't you thought about that?