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Sep 20, 2020

QC 35 ll battery voice announcement

just recently I am have a problem that the QC 35 headphones announce the battery percentage every 11 minutes. It is very orating when I Am mediating.  I turned of the voice and  it still clicks what o am listening too off. Both my iPhone X and a tv blue tooth setup. Is there any fix to turn the battery off accept when I turn on the headsets?


Re: QC 35 ll battery voice announcement

Hey Hswingle,


I can imagine that is quite frustrating indeed - I'm sorry to hear this is happening.


Is the headset disconnecting and re-connecting to your devices, which is causing the prompt to announce battery life? What you may want to try is to clear the pairing list of the headphones, then the pairing list of all the devices being used. Afterwards, re-establish the connection and let me know if the headset is still making regular battery life announcements.


Have you tried using the headphones with any other devices to test if this issue is persistent?

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