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Jul 19, 2019

QC I NC degraded after firmware upgrade to 3.0.3

I could clearly hear almost all the sounds, (eg: engine whirring about 20ft away) very clearly with NC setting at "High". Looks like something totally went off. Please release a patch version with the fix ASAP.

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: QC I NC degraded after firmware upgrade to 3.0.3


Check out the many multi-screen posts on the ANC issues with both QC35's - i and ii.  These issues are well known and have been going on since at least March of this year and possibly earlier.  Bose is still officially investigating both and plans to provide updates in the QC35ii post that has over 70 screens.  They still say they have no made changes to the firmware and and continue to investigate.  Many hear believe that issue may have something to do with the installation process and that some of the global data used by one firmware version may not be correctly re-set during the upgrade processs.

There are some here that suggest a workaround that has something to do with upgrade multiple times in a particular order between Bose Connect, then BTU, then BTU in advanced mode and then a re-initialization.  Others suggest a workaround is to let the battery on the QC35 completely drain which is then claimed will zero out all the data.  You can try both.


But don't expect a fix from Bose any time soon.  They are currently on a 3 to 6 month cycle based on the last few updates and so I am not a prognasticator but my guess is it may be Sept to Nov at best for the next update.