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Oct 29, 2019

QC25 3.5mm Socket

I was given a QC25 by a friend.  The cable was not included.  I have tried several standard 4-conductor 3.5mm connectors, but they will not fit into the socket.  Should a standard  3.5mm jack work?  Can I order a replacement cable?  Could there be something stuck in that socket? 


Re: QC25 3.5mm Socket

Hello Redcedar, 


Thanks for reaching out to the Bose Community. Welcome to the site. 


The QC25 uses a 2.5mm audio connector input on the headphones, so the cable you will require is a 2.5mm stereo to 3.5mm stereo jack cable. These can be purchased by reaching out to local support. Details can be found here.


I hope this helps.


Kind regards,


Jeff G - Community Support