QC25 Not Powering On

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QC25 Not Powering On

I have had my QC25s for a while now as a gift. It has been a bit since I used them but they were laying around as I needed to purchase replacement cushions and a cable as I’m out of warranty. However, I got back and the battery in there had leaked and the powder filled the compartment. I cleaned that and replaced the battery with a new one and find it still does not work. From research it looks like this problem is usually either bad contacts, which I doubt from inspection, or a bad wire connecting the terminal on the compartment door. This is very upsetting as these headphones are not cheap and I would expect the failure mode of these headphones to not be something so trivial as a small wire in a part that is expected to move. I own a few Bose products and the experience is always great however some issues like these are found in many products (eg bad cable on soundsport earbuds). I’m starting to consider other companies, but am hoping Bose can address these details. Such a large company ought to have a good sense of wear and tear of their premium products. Any help on fixing this, Bose?

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I am sorry to hear that's happened. We recommend removing the battery before a period of long storage. If a battery should leak then there is a high potential for the acid to makes it's way into the headphones and cause damage. It sounds like that may be the case here. Unfortunately, it is not possible to repair them. For more information on available service options please contact Customer Support. Contact information can be found here. Just select your region, and kindly scroll down to where you see "Contact Us".


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