QC25 Right Speaker Died

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QC25 Right Speaker Died

So I've bought a pair o QC25 on march, 2015 and now the right ear side just died on me. As we all know there is a systematic design failure on the QC25 that unfortunately makes them stop working...

Iam a Bose heavy user and loyal customer (have the Soundsport, the Soundbar and even my car has Bose sound on it), and the authorized support here in Brazil told me that there is nothing to do to repair and therefore the headphone is now no good for nothing.


I am very upset with the lack of solution that the authorized support gave me and thats why i am writing to you. In my opinion a 250 dolar premium headphone, that has been well taken care of (just replaced the ear cushons) should last more than 4 yeas, and in cases like mine there should be a solution to my problem rather than having to buy a new one. Talking about buying a new one, i was considering to buy a QC35 for my wife and now i will definitively not buy the product, unless until this situation is solved.


I would like to hear an official answer from Bose 


Thank You 

Vittor Lemos

Re: QC25 Right Speaker Died

Hi vittorlms,


Thanks for reaching out to the community. We are very sorry for all the trouble you have experienced with your headphones. We understand it's frustrating when a product stops working properly. We generally don't repair headphones but would rather replace them with a new pair. Even beyond the warranty period, we try to provide service options that would involve a replacement at a discounted rate. For the available options for your situation, we would encourage you to work closely with your local support team for assistance. Here is a link you can use. Click on your country, scroll down until you see "Contact Us".




Tony G - Community Support

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Re: QC25 Right Speaker Died

same here.


Exact same problem with my QC25, the right side has suddenly stopped working. 


I have emailed Bose, but get no response. A quick search on google shows this is a common problem and obvioulsy some manufacturing defect. I paid good money for these and put my trust in the Bose brand and expect some help! I only use them a handful of times! 


For this type of money we should get good customer support???


Re: QC25 Right Speaker Died

Hello hertz777,


Thanks for posting. I am sorry to hear you are having this experience. For a faster response, we recommend calling Customer Support directly. Contact information can be found here. Just select your region, and kindly scroll down to where you see "Contact Us".


Best Regards,


Greg - Community Support

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Re: QC25 Right Speaker Died

This gets worse!

I contacted the number of the Bose service center in Thailand and they told me to send them in to see if they could REPAIR them.

I sent them 2 days ago and just got a phone call...:

They said ...“We can’t fix them.”

I asked what could be done. They said they will send them back to me unfixed.

I got no offer of a new discounted pair!! I asked about a new discounted pair and was told no.

It gets worse!!!

Now they want 4 times the postage price I paid to get them couriered to them!!!!

I paid 2 dollars to get them couriered to Bose.

Now they want nearly 10 dollars to send them back unfixed!!!

This is outrageous. I paid 350 dollars and have used these about 10 times in my life!!

And this is a known manufacturing fault!

Somebody from Bose help me pleae!!
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Re: QC25 Right Speaker Died

Hi I am interested, has Bose responded in a way you are happy about?  I have read a number of postings here and see a lot of people believed they were buying a quality product from a good company but after sometime the Bose headphones have developed a fault. 


Headphones this expensive should not be failing like this.


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Re: QC25 Right Speaker Died

No satisfatory answer from my side.


I have already been in the authorized support center and they told me there is nothing to do. This is RIDICULOUS!


I will keep posting in all my social media this case, who knows if than Bose gives me another possibility to solve this situation.

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Re: QC25 Right Speaker Died

I'm certainly not happy!


its not like these were 35 dollars, I paid just over 350 US dollars for mine and now they are useless.


At least you got an option of upgrading at a discount. 


does anyone know anyone who can fix these at a decent price?