QC30 does not pail with iPad Pro 12.9” gen. 2018

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QC30 does not pail with iPad Pro 12.9” gen. 2018

I have had my Bose for about 6 months.  I had it successfully pair to a iPad Pro 12.9” gen 1 successfully. Bought the brand new version and cannot get it to pair.


i have been through all the forums an tired all the reboot techniques.  The app sees the QC30 and seems to recognize it but never get past second screen.  I have the blue light flashing not no connection. 


I spent ove 3 hours trying everything I have read and does not work. Running IOS 12.1.1


Any suggestions?


Re: QC30 does not pail with iPad Pro 12.9” gen. 2018

Hi DarienJim,


Thanks for posting. I am sorry to hear about that. If your QC30 does pair with a different device like a smartphone, then it would point to an issue with the iPad. I was able to find this support article that has some troubleshooting tips for your ios version here


Bluetooth Not Working After iOS 12 Update, How-To Fix


A few of the tips offered were:

  • Quick Reset– The first and foremost thing to do following a successful installation of the iOS 12 update is to do a quick forced-restart of your device. On the older iPhones, you will do this by pressing the Home and on/off button together for 10 seconds or so till you see the apple logo appear. Release the buttons when you see the logo and let your iPhone startup. If you are using iPhone 7/8/X models, please check our iPhone reset guide for the steps.
  • Toggling Bluetooth mode– If you are having issues with discovering your Bluetooth device on your iPhone, sometimes a simple toggle can do wonders. Tap on Settings > Bluetooth and turn off your Bluetooth. Next, Switch off your device and turn it back on followed by enabling the Bluetooth in the settings. Check and see if your Bluetooth device now shows up under ‘MY DEVICES’ in the Bluetooth settings. Please make sure to toggle the Bluetooth using the Settings app and not via the control center.
  • Reset Network Settings – Start by tapping on Settings > General > Reset and choose ‘Reset Network Settings.’ Please note that you may have to re-enter your Wi-fi name and credentials once the reset process is done.
  • Pair and unpair the Bluetooth Device – If you can see your Bluetooth device on the list under ‘MY DEVICES’ in settings, but you are experiencing connectivity issues, you can reset the Bluetooth device. Tap on the ‘i’ on the right-hand side of the row and choose ‘Forget This device.’ Switch off and restart your iPhone and then try connecting again to the Bluetooth device to see if it works for you.

Please let us know if any of that helped.




Tony G - Community Support