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Feb 20, 2021

QC35 Buzzing in right speaker when noise cancellation is on

I have a pair of QC35 that are in almost mint condition that have set on a shelf for the past year as I didn't travel.  All has been great until recently I took a trip and discovered that when noise cancellation is on hi or low, there is a buzzing coming from the right speaker any time there is any noise (plane, speaking, etc.).  When I turn it off, it doesn't appear to happen.  On the plane, if I cup my hand over the outside of the earpiece (to shield the mic??) it diminishes and almost goes away...only to return when I move my hand away.

This happens no matter if the headphones are paired to a device or not...i've tried resetting the connection.  Even when not buzzing, I sense that the cancellation is not quite as good as the other side, leading me to believe that the noise cancellation is causing the problem as opposed to something loose in the headset.  The left side seems to be fine.

At this point, the headphones are unusable.  Is there anything that I can do to?


Country: USA

Firmware: 3.0.3

Serial Num: [REMOVED BY MODERATOR - Do not post serial numbers on the Bose Community]

DoM: April 18 2017

App: Latest iOS app, but issue happens regardless of what is connected, if at all.










Re: QC35 Buzzing in right speaker when noise cancellation is on

Hello Shalong, 


Thanks for posting. 


I'm sorry to hear you're having issues using your QC35 headphones.


You mentioned the problem seems to only occur on the right side. Can you try switching the cushion from the left ear to the right, then test to see if the right earcup still has issues? While the cushion is removed, I recommend taking off the skrim (the fabric that has "R" printed on it) to assess the condition of the earcup speaker. Check for any loose debris that may have penetrated the cup.


Have you also tried updating the firmware of the headphones? you can do this either via the Bose Connect app, or via a computer by visiting this link.


Still having issues? The next step would be to seek service. Details can be found here.



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