QC35 False Incoming Call Alert

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QC35 False Incoming Call Alert

Anybody else having trouble with false "call from" alerts? I get these alerts randomly and when I do, the video or podcast I'm using goes quiet until I restart the headphones. I check my nearby phone to confirm that a call is not coming in and I've downloaded/installed the latest update.

thanks in advance.

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Re: QC35 False Incoming Call Alert

I do not work for Bose but based on your limited information, here is how I would troubleshoot if this were happening to me.

1. My going in assumption is that the QC35 is a passive receiving only device.  It receives a signal from the other end and merely plays it through the speakers.  It can not generate on its own what you are hearing.  The only thing it generates are its own status information like 'connected to ...' , etc.

2. The next thing I would check is whether the same audio was coming out of the phone or other computing device is saying the same thing through it's internal speakers which imho would be likely if the QC35 had nothing to do with the cause.

3. If you never hear anything from the other end by itself and only when using the QC35, then the next thing I would check is whether the Bluetooth (BT) communication itself is somehow causing the issue especially if you have a QC35ii (you didn't say which you had) and you were using Google or Alexa with the middle button.  If you are on this step, you shoulld try to figure out which app on the other end is generating that message (since it is not likely internal to the QC35).

4. To focus on whether BT is the cause, hardwire your QC35 to the other end to see if the issue goes away.  If it does not, then it is not a BT issue.  If it does, then it is a BT issue.


If you make it past all 4, you will need to troubleshoot further.  I do not believe it is likely that another QC35 of the same model will likely behave any differently, though it is still possible if you make it  pass all four.  If you do narrow it down to a BT issue, especially if it is not a phone, Bose will probably want you to get rid of all the pairings, reinitialize the QC35 and if it is not a phone, you need to remove all your BT drivers and reinstall them (you may even want to experiment with other versions - newer and older).  BT issues, especially if they are coming from non-mobile devices like Windows or Mac, will not likely be addressed by any specific changes to Bose products since they don't test them.  You would have to make changes to the other end up to an possibly including disabling the bt hardware and getting a different one - like the SMK Nano ($12 app) USB Dongle I am using.



Re: QC35 False Incoming Call Alert

Hi rettimi,


Thanks for posting. That is unusual. I will look into this further and post whatever I find here.




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Re: QC35 False Incoming Call Alert

That would be great. Thank you!