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Mar 7, 2018

QC35 Headset Buddy ClearMic Microphone

Has anyone tried the 3rd party Headset Buddy ClearMic boom mic attachment for QC35? I just ordered one, but have seen mixed reviews online. I love my QC35s, but have a lot of conference calls via webex and/or skype during the day. I can't rely on the inline mic and can't stand hearing myself talk during calls. I'm hoping this cable attachment (which can be used with ANR/Bluetooth OFF) will be the trick I'm looking for to use my QC35s in the office all day :). 


I'll share my thoughts here once they are delivered next week. If anyone else has tried this, I'd appreciate your feedback as well. 

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Oct 3, 2019

Re: QC35 Headset Buddy ClearMic Microphone

No, I haven't tried these, but it looks like a great solution.  It funny that Bose won't admit there's a problem, but there are 7 pages of positive review comments on the Headset Buddies QC35 mic page. 


I just bought my son a pair of the Sony headphones.  You'd think that eventually this bad press will catch up.  These Bose are great headphones, bad mic.  But it ruins the whole experience.


Anyway, nice find I may pick me up one of those Buddies.  Please let us know your experience.