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Jun 10, 2019

QC35 II Bluetooth Question

Hi there,

I am considering purchasing the QC35II headphones and I’d like to know if it is possible to completely turn off Bluetooth (i.e. so that the headset is emitting no radiation)? I understand that if you use the wired connection then Bluetooth is deactivated, but is the Bluetooth chip switched off in this case and thus emitting no radiation?

Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

Re: QC35 II Bluetooth Question

Hello Smash, 


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Bose Community. 


It great to hear that you are interested in our QC35 II Wireless Headphones.


That is correct. To completely stop Bluetooth, the audio cable will override and disable Bluetooth and BLE. 


Here is a previous thread that discusses the same topic which you may find useful: Bluetooth completely OFF on QC35


Please let me know if you have any other queries or questions and I will be more than happy to help.


Warm regards,

Charlotte G - Community Support

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Jun 15, 2018

Re: QC35 II Bluetooth Question

You can go to the Apple or Google store and get a free app which checks for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  I use "BLE Scanner" on my iPhone.  With that you can measure whether a BT signal is coming from the device.  The last time I checked my QC35ii, in the OFF position, there was no BLE signal detected.  So imho, there is nothing BT related coming from the device when it is off.  The same can not be true for all Bose BT devices.  For example, the Revolve will put out a BLE signal when it is turned off the normal way.  To turn it completely off, you need to hold down the multifunction key for 10+ seconds.