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Sep 11, 2020

QC35 II- Poor sound quality at high pitches

When using my headphones on a PC or smart TV, the sound quality is significantly worse than usual for high pitched noises. However, this only occurs when using Bluetooth (plugging in makes the issue go away) and not at all on my phone. I don't know what's causing the inconsistency.


Re: QC35 II- Poor sound quality at high pitches

Hello plshelp, 


Thanks for reaching out! 


I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with your headphones. 


a high pitch sound can generally be attributed to the microphones on the outside of the earcups interfering with the speakers inside the earcups. Think of when you use a microphone and get too close to the PA system, and you hear a loud squeal. This is called feedback. This will only happen with the headphones if the cushions are not correctly attached.


I would recommend removing the cushions fully then re-attach them to see if this helps with the squealing sounds. If it doesn't, check for signs of wear, excessive wear can have a negative impact on performance so I would suggest replacing the cushions. 


You did mention, however, that the problem only occurs via Bluetooth and not at all with your phone, which could then signify a pairing issue. Please try to remove the headphones from your TV/PC and establish a new connection. I would also recommend checking to ensure the firmware is fully up to date. You can update quickly by visiting this link on a computer, or you can use the Bose Connect app. 


Let me know how you get on! 😊

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