QC35 II not connecting to Win10

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QC35 II not connecting to Win10

Hi all, 


After spending a couple of hours seraching for solution I give up. I have a pair od QC35 II with the latest firmware 4.3.6, I'm having no troubles connecting them top my iPhone, but when it comes to laptop the problems begin to occur. 

Basically until 5th of March I'd been able to pair and connect the headphones to my Dell XPS1370 without problems, then the windows update happened (6th of March, not sure if this has any connection to my problem though). I haven't tried to connect my QC35 to laptop since 5th of March, but now the conncetion won't work. 

So far I've tried different combinations of: 


- removing the "LE BOSE QC35 II" and "BOSE QC35 II" from laptop's device list

- cleaning the headphones' memory (or whatever holding the bluetooth switch for 10+ seconds does) 

- reinstalling the bluetooth driver countless times (it's qualcomm qca61x4a v. currently)

- removing the BOSE connect app from my phone and reinstalling it

- changing headphones' name


All of that doesn't change the problem: whenever I'm searching for BT devices on my laptop, the only one that shows is LE-BOSE QC35 II. When I'm adding that one, it takes about 15 seconds for the system to install the drivers and then I'm getting the message that the device is ready to be used. 


The headphones apper in audio section, but when I click "connect", nothing happens, or sometimes for a fraction of second the "connected" label appears, no reaction from the headphones nevertheless. Also during pairing I set the BOSE connect app to the pairing mode "ready to connect", and while the laptop says that the device is being paired, there's no reaction from the app. 


This whole thing is extremely frustrating, I don't know if it's the laptop or headphones who cause the problem. Later on I'll try to connect to my friend's MacBook, I'll comment here about the result, but I'd be happy to hear some fresh ideas. 

1.PNGStep 12.PNGStep 23.PNG"looks good"



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Re: QC35 II not connecting to Win10



Basically, refer to the post #9 in the following forum thread (not sure if I'm allowed to post the links here): https://www.tenforums.com/drivers-hardware/22049-how-completely-remove-bluetooth-device-win-10-a.htm...


I'll also quote the solution here in case the link isn't ok: 


My symptoms:
- Previously working bluetooth speaker (UE BOOM 2 in my case) stops connecting
- Windows 10 'Bluetooth and other devices' menu shows the device as Paired
- Pressing connect makes it attempt to connect but fails then it goes back to Paired
- Remove device hides the device from the menu, but as soon as you turn bluetooth on and off, or restart the computer, the device comes back
- You pull your hair out.

Solution that worked for me after much, much unsuccessful internet trawling and one system restore:
- Download this 7 year old command line bluetooth toolset: Bluetooth command line tools - work with bluetooth from the command line
- Install it, make sure you enable the option to "Add Bluetooth Command Line Tools directory to path"
- Open Powershell
- Put your device that isn't working properly into pairing mode
- type in "btpair -u"
- Boom, all of a sudden Windows asks me if I want to allow pairing to my device that isn't working
- Hit yes, successfully connected again
- Cry tears of joy


Re: QC35 II not connecting to Win10



Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community! 


I'm sorry to hear of the issues you are having with your system, I will do all I can to assist you.


I would recommend checking out the thread below as this is a similar issue to yours. We have raised this issue to see if there is anything that can be done on our end. 




I hope this helps and have a great day! 


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Re: QC35 II not connecting to Win10

@andrii1702firstly, never connect to the LE device.  Wait a while for it to change to the one without the LE (at least for me after a while it changed in the discovery window).  Now comes the disappointing news - I have two Dell Precision machines.  Dell has been using the Bluetooth (BT) chipset/card from Intel.  There have been four different set of drivers - none of them makes a difference.  At one point, I could not get ANY of my Bose devices recognized (two revolves, soundlink mini 2, soundsport wired and qc35ii).  As you are seeing, something - possibly a windows update, possible some other app installing or updating - is playing with a file or probably one or more registry keys and messing things up.  But the impact is only on the Bose devices and just the Intel hardware.  Dell has been asked multiple times to investigate and has given up.  They won't even talk to Intel.  I am not sure what has caused the issue, but I did an image restore from a backup from june 30, 2018 and the problem went away.  On the other hand, another user here in the last two days in a similar post said he did a windows reininstall and it did not help at all.  When I was having the problem I tried uninstall windows updates back two years - didn't help.  I have asked Bose in the other post to see if they can discover what files or registry key settings are interfering, but the request is only two days old.  When I was having the problem, I disabled the Intel hardware and purchased on eBay for $15 the SMK Nano BR USB Dongle with CSR drivers.  They worked perfectly fine on both my Dell M4800 and my Dell Tower 5810 (desktop which has no BT card).  BTW - I have win 7/64 but the problem seems to also be on win10.

If by chance you can figure out what update or app install/update or file or registry key(s) is/are the issue, please let everyone else here know.

BTW - I have updated my Dell M4800 with windows updates as recent as last night.  I just removed it from my BT device list and added it.  A couple things failed but the A2DP and HFP succeeded and then I was able to click on "Listen To Music" and make the connection.  I did have to hit the "+" on teh QC35ii a gazzilion times to get the volume required.


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Re: QC35 II not connecting to Win10



I have tried rolling back the driver - no luck. Also one thing that I noticed: if I delete the headphones from device manager, then after I scan for hardware changes they automatically appear there, without any actions from my side, so for some reason my laptop pairs with the headphones on its own, is that normal? It pairs with the standard BOSE QC35 II, not the LE- version, the LE version is still visible when I'm searching for new devices. The BOSE connect app shows no changes, but I think the headphones lag for a fraction of second (I tried playing music during this), so I think there's something going on. Come on, guys from BOSE, that seems to be a very common problem and I've spent way too much time fighting it for 400 or whatever EUR headphones. I'm slowly getting disappointed. 

4.PNGStatus regardless of LE-BOSE QC35 II being paired or not5.PNGDon't know if that's supposed to be that way


Re: QC35 II not connecting to Win10

Hi Andrii1702,


Can you pair the headphones to your computer, and then perform the following:

Right click on your speaker icon in the icon tray. The click on 'Playback Devices'.


What other devices to you see in here?


Kind Regards



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Re: QC35 II not connecting to Win10



Re: QC35 II not connecting to Win10

Great so we do see the Headphones under there. We are specifically trying to get the second one down to appear as the default device.


So if you clear the pairing list on the headphones, then remove the drivers for the QC35 headphones. Will the drivers still appear without reconnecting the headphones back. How about if you turn the Bluetooth off on your PC?



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Re: QC35 II not connecting to Win10

Actually after I clear the BT devices' list on the headphones, and uninstall both devices, they appear back as soon as I refresh the device manager. I just don't understand why. 


With Bluetooth off I can only see the bluetooth adapter in the Device Manager, nothing else (as it should be)


7.PNGIs that the right way to uninstall the headphone drivers?


Re: QC35 II not connecting to Win10

Yes this is the correct way to uninstall the driver. Drivers will always stay installed unless uninstalling them in this manor.


Kind Regards,



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Re: QC35 II not connecting to Win10

Well they keep reappearing even though my QC35 are off... That doesn't seem right, does it?