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May 23, 2019

QC35 Keeps Clearing Bluetooth List


My headset keeps clearing its bluetooth list after a few moments. At first I thought I had paired too many devices so went through all of them and removed any connections. I have updated it to the latest firmware

(Version 2.5.5) but I had to do so manual via micro-usb as the headset would cut off while updating via the iPhone app. From my understanding, you would have to hold the power button to the right for 30 seconds for the headset to clear your bluetooth list but I have made sure that the switch is at the neutral position (and feels normal in the sense that I would have to apply pressure to the right in order to switch to pairing/clearing mode). Has my faithful QC35 become obsolete? 


Please spare me from the sounds of construction across the street,



Re: QC35 Keeps Clearing Bluetooth List

Hello @Romsey!

I'm sorry to hear of the issues that you've had with our headphones, and would like to welcome you to the Community.


Whilst I can't do anything about the construction work in your area, i'd be glad to help get your headphones up and running!

First of all, I would ask that you try out the following and let me know what happens:


1) If you are only using 1 product at a time, does using a different product have any kind of impact on your product cutting out, or is this universal across all products?

2) As you have already removed many of the connections from the headphones, can I also ask that if you choose to forget the device from the Bluetooth menu and pair again, does this stay connected, or disconnect again after the rough 30 second period?

3) If you connect this headset via the AUX cable, does this continue to play correctly, or does this skip at the same interval as when paired through Bluetooth?


As an extra question, can I ask if these are the QC35 I or QC35 II?

Please get back to me when you can to let me know how these go!


Liam W - Community Support

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Sep 4, 2019

Re: QC35 Keeps Clearing Bluetooth List



I am also having the same problem with my QC 35 I’s.


It just randomly will drop my Bluetooth devices, especially when I’m to pair.


Once cleared, my device has a hard time re-pairing to the same machine, and i have to manually every time forget the device then retry pairing.


1.  If i use just 1 product, sill does the same thing.

2.after forgetting, still clears the list every once in a while.  I am not sure exactly how long it takes.


3.  The aux cable works fine, not sure what you mean by skipping.


Re: QC35 Keeps Clearing Bluetooth List

Hello Eddieskim,


Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulty with your QuietComfot35 headphones, I would be more than happy to assist you further with this today. Thank you for providing the information it is very helpful, have you tried a product reset? Have you tried rebooting the device you are trying to connect with the headphones? Have you tried connecting a new device? 


To reset your product:

  1. Power off your product, then wait 30 seconds
  2. Connect your product to a wall outlet using a USB charger, then wait five seconds
  3. Disconnect the USB cable from the headset, then wait one minute
  4. Power on your product.


It might also be helpful to reboot your network router, can I also confirm that when you are clearing the paired list it is via the steps below:

  1. Power on your headset
  2. Slide the Power switch to the Bluetooth icon and hold it for 10 seconds until you hear Bluetooth device list cleared.


I hope this helps, I look forward to hearing from you!


Kindest regards,

Zoe C