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Jan 1, 2021

QC35 Pairing Issue

I have bought a pair of QC35ii secondhand. They will not pair with my iPhone 11. I have latest version of both Bose App and headphone firmware. I have cleared all devices from my Bluetooth device list on phone, I have tried sliding the switch on headphones to the right for 10 seconds but I do not get a message saying Bluetooth Devices cleared. I have tried resetting the headphones through a wall charger but nothing. All that ever happens is I switch the headphones on, the whitelight blinks and the message tells me it is trying to connect to the previous owners iPhone, before eventually saying mobile device cannot be found. I have tried everything. What I have noticed is that I have never seen the Bluetooth light go blue, only white. It’s so frustrating. The previous owner had removed it from his list of devices in his phone.. any ideas??!! 

Bose product name QC35ii 


Country United Kingdom.


Firmware Version4.2


App Version


What devices were you using that were affected and what version are they on iPhone 11 14.2





Re: QC35 Pairing Issue



Thanks for reaching out, sorry to hear that you are having this experience. 


Have you tried sliding the power button for over 10 seconds to see if this has a delayed reaction to the device list clearing?


Can you also confirm you are using the Bose Connect app?


Are you able to see the headphones in your Bluetooth pairing list when your headphones are looking for a device to connect to?


Do let us know!

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