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Nov 8, 2019

QC35 - Very disappointed with instability

I want to say that I’m a long time fan of Bose audio quality, but my functionality issues with the QC35 bluetooth connectivity have been utterly frustrating and reflect very poorly on the QA and relative responsible teams at Bose.

The headset is top marks in all other areas - honestly I use them so often for work, travel, and recreation that I have had to replace the OEM ear-cups due to normal wear.  But the connectivity that started adequately after a few bumps has just gone downhill over the past several months.

I only use two devices - a smartphone and a laptop.  There are various gaming platforms I would also love to use then with but these are famously not supported (not Bose’s fault).

When the smartphone is engaged, it drops out looking for the laptop.  I will be mid call after selecting “phone” from the audio selection pop up at call receipt, and a few moments later all audio goes silent because it has redirected to the headset which is sitting two rooms away.

Alternately, I will toggle off connectivity all together for the laptop through the Bose smartphone app, and try playing something from my music library through the smartphone connection, only to have it blast through the phone speakers with the Bose app showing the headset connected and everything ready, with the phone audio not recognizing this output at all.  At other times I’ll walk outside of a wifi range while playing audio via phone->qc35 and have sound interrupted by the bose app in my pocket to tell me that the device it is broadcasting from is disconnected, before cutting back over to the song or playback already in progress (without the pause the device will automatically perform if output device is actually legitimately disconnected).  Possibly most facepalming of all, I can turn my head and experience audio static and signal drop for bluetooth connectivity from the device I am either physically holding or am viewing from a few feet away.  This is all on top of the known issue of playing video back on the laptop and receiving a phone voicemail notification which triggers iTunes to take over and start playing the first audio track in the library while your laptop has been relegated to silent film mode, or vice versa with an iTunes launch triggered on the laptop while call audio drops.

 I generally have about 2 weeks to 2 months of uninterrupted service before the issue pops up again and I have to dedicate an indefensible amount of time to “correcting” my device settings back to what they have always been, all over again.  I can’t even track how many hours have been wasted babying this device over the two years of ownership.


This is a frankly embarrassing and inappropriate support failure for a product in this range.  I love Bose and specifically the QC35 for the sound cancelling, but I am honestly comparing several other more expensive competitors for future replacement due to this chronic incapacity.

Yes, all firmwares are current, and I’ve cleared the pairing lists, recycled the power to devices, checked the documentation, turned them off and on, reseated the cables while on one leg along with all of the other things normal adults do before being told to do them a second and eighth time by well meaning novices, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t appreciate feedback from other users or the product team provided it does not begin with “have you tried clearing the paired devices cache?”




Re: QC35 - Very disappointed with instability

Hi Robert, 


Welcome to the community, thanks for reaching out. Thanks for taking the time in providing us with this detailed explanation of the connectivity issues in which you are experiencing with the connectivity of your QuietComfort 35 Headphones. 


Thanks for attempting a range of troubleshooting steps. Can you provide us with the following information so that we can help further.


Can you please inform us on the models of the smartphone and laptop you are connecting to? Can you also provide us with their software version?


Are there any electronics which could be interfering with the Bluetooth signal of your product? This can include walls, WiFi routers etc. 


Do let us know, we'd love to get this resolved for you. 


Kind regards, 

Tegan M - Community Support