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Aug 30, 2019

QC35 and Soundsport switch audio source as soon as iPhone screen turns on

I have Bose QC35 headphones and Bose Soundsport headphones. Both are connected to my laptop (Windows 10) and iPhone XS (iOS 12).

The following happens for both headphones.


I am connected to both devices, but listening to music from my laptop. As soon as my iPhone "activates" (i.e., the screen turns on for any reason, even if I don't unlock it), the music cuts from the laptop and switches to my iPhone (which is silent because there's no music actually playing). This happens everytime my screen turns on. For example, it happens every time I tap my phone to activate the screen to see the time, every time I recieve a notification (because the phone lights up), everytime I put my phone on the wireless charger (again, the phone screen lights up to tell me it's charging). As soon as I lock my iPhone and the screen turns off, music from my laptop continues playing through the headphones.


Additionally, this usually happens, but not always. Sometimes it behaves as exepected. Other times is doesn't. I can't work out a pattern...


How do I stop this?! Ideally, music would continue playing on the laptop until I pause it and play something on my iPhone (and vice versa).




Re: QC35 and Soundsport switch audio source as soon as iPhone screen turns on

Hi Rofo, 


Thank you for taking the time to post and welcome to the Bose Community! 


I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are experiencing with your Bose Headphones. I can imagine how frustrating this must be for you and I will do all I can to assist you! 


Can you make sure you are running the most recent firmware version? You can do this by clicking the LINK HERE on a PC or Laptop and following the on-screen instructions. 


I would also recommend clearing the Bluetooth pairing list on the headphones and the source device then reconnecting them. I have included links below to assist you. 


QC35 Bluetooth Clearing


SoundSport Wireless Bluetooth Clearing 


Let me know how you get on! 




Jessie O - Community Support