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Jul 10, 2019

QC35 ii Very loud squeaking sound / weird noise



so I am a fresh owner of new pair of QC35 ii headphones. Barely 2 weeks and I am already freakin angry about them. I think there's something wrong with my headphones. 😞

To the point:

- everyday after turning on the headphones, just after some short time there goes very loud squeaking sound from my right headphone. It is always right headphone. And I already have developed a habit to be afraid of putting them on because of the squeaking sound. This is so freakin loud that I am sure it can damage my hearing...

I already analyzed it a little. It doesn't matter if the headphones are on my head or laying on the table, it doesn't matter if there's playing music. This happens if the headphones are face to face and the NC is turned on (the level of NC doesn't do any difference). The sound is always from the right headphone. Also after some time the squeaking is gone and I can use them normally (or I think so). Anyway You can watch the movies of this behavior below.


I don't want a headphones which can dmg my hearing. 😕 What can I do with this? Should I return them and demand an different example?