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Oct 4, 2020

QC35 ii using mic while listening to audio issue Windows 10

I have the QC35 ii and using Windows 10. I am able to get audio to play through the headphones. The minute I enable an application that tries to use the microphone function, all audio stops playing through the headphones. It seems as though the microphone takes over and stops all other audio even though the audio is still playing, it just doesn't play through the headphones. I want to be able to game with audio while chatting with friends with the mic function. Is there a fix for this?



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Dec 4, 2016

Re: QC35 ii using mic while listening to audio issue Windows 10

This is not designed as a gaming headset.  The issue is that the computer connects to it by two different protocols - Stereo audio, and communication. 


So when you play a game with voice chat (or even something like discord), it is constantly switching between these protocols.  When you don't speak it's in headset mode, when you speak it's in communication mode.


The current fix would be using the QC25 cable with inline mic, wired to the computer.


I don't think it's released yet, but Bose have announced a Gaming version of the QC35 with boom mic that I assume fixes this.  I don't know if the boom mic will be available seperately or backwards compatible with the older QC35s.