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Jan 28, 2020

QC35 won’t connect to Bose Connect

I received a pair of QC35 headphones for Christmas but for some reason they won’t connect to Bose Connect. I have confirmed that they are not counterfeit and have been in contact with Bose technical support. Has anyone else ran into this problem? 
They are connected to my iPhone, no issues pairing whatsoever. 


Re: QC35 won’t connect to Bose Connect

Hey @KerryLemons,


That's quite a weird issue! Have things improved in the time since you posted here?


What I'd recommend personally is to uninstall the Bose Connect app and reinstall. Alternatively, you could try a different device. What version of the iPhone are you currently using?


From my personal experience of using the QC35 II headphones with my iPhone XS Max, I've encountered no trouble connecting to the Bose Connect app. I look forward to hearing back so we can work to have your app working for you also.

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